DATA is EVERYWHERE, in every business interaction, you cannot store it in a data warehouse anymore. Considering that there has been a sea change across many dimensions, from data sources, reporting tools, and consumption practices – Business have realised that the BI team is unable to respond immediately and needs a huge turnaround time to deliver. Hence the business users themselves create their own logic, data silos and apply models to fulfil their analytical requirements. Hence, now ANALYTICS is EVERYWHERE.

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Our solutions for Analytics are:

  • Single Analytical Storehouse
  • Data Analysis and Modelling
  • Predictive Dashboard Analytics
The integration of mobile and internet enabled platforms, into legacy commercial enterprise IT systems, is paramount to ensure the future success of enterprises and mid-market organisations.Our objective is to deliver the business outcome that the customer has defined with a solution architecture that is both agile and flexible in addressing the use case scenario. To reach the desired Business Outcome we focus on combining data with predictive analytics and Automation to deliver this through a digital boardroom for the customer.